Our customers include corporate businesses and private individuals.

We are a CIC (Community Interest Company). Through this structure we can offer our services to women who would like to come to dream on but do not have the funds to do so.

We stock a fantastic range of clothing for you to buy at the studio. You can browse, experiment with new styles and buy in a relaxed and friendly environment.

So why are we called dream on?

Well, Bridget was on holiday with her husband, Chris and two of their friends, Greg and Riana. Bridget was talking about her business plans and how she had decided to stop talking about it and was ready to launch it.

Naming Pink.png

Bridget was asking for names that sounded good in different languages. As they were talking and thinking of names, Chris sat in the back and muttered under his breath, “dream on”.

“That’s the name”, Greg said, “I like it”, Bridget replied. Greg said, “That’s right, 100%” That’s what South Africans often say when they think something is great.

So, dream on – so often a word that is used to put us down, words Chris muttered under his breath, is the name of our business. dream on is just what Bridget is doing – by starting to create a business she has dreamt and planned on building for many years.