We describe our one-to-one sessions as your “personal time” – where it is all about you. Time for you to work with one of our team on your plans and goals, time where you can turn dreams into action.

Some people call what we do coaching, some call it mentoring. Do you know, it doesn’t really matter what we call it – read our stories to see the impact they can have. Usually the first meeting is a getting to know you session. We don’t charge for this. We want to spend some time with you working out if this is for you. Making sure we are both clear about what you want and will gain. We want to make sure we match you with one of our team. You set the agenda on frequency and number of sessions you would like. Some people will only want one or two, others may want to meet every six weeks or even every six months. We can work a plan to suit you.

We run a number of different workshops in stunning venues in East Anglia or we can come to you.

Tailored Development

We offer the opportunity to develop training that is totally bespoke to the needs of your organisation. We can meet to discuss and design the programme or workshop for you. Some of the assignments recently delivered include:

  • Communication training – to help improve clarity of communication and understanding.
  • Self Awareness – we helped develop self understanding, learning styles and MBTI. To develop a picture of ‘me at my best’ and how to work well as a team.
  • Strategy and Team development – Using a bespoke strategy model, we helped develop the organisation 5 year strategy combined with improving the dynamics and team work.

We believe in making sure our work helps deliver sustained change. We have developed metrics that will give you the confidence that this is the case. The experience of the team is broad and deep. We have worked within organisations at senior levels which brings a practical edge to our work. We have used our combined experience to bring together a set of tools, approaches and models to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals. Some of these models have been created by the team using our combined learning and reflections.

We view coaching as having to be tailored to an individual’s needs. There are many definitions and we work along a spectrum of coaching, mentoring and consulting, agreeing with a client what will be most valuable and useful.

We can come to you or we can deliver these at Compton House, Eye, Suffolk.


If you would like a little bit of everything, we can design a package around you. We can work with you to help you choose what you would like from personal development, body and wellness and style and fashion. Packages can be purchased as a single payment or spread monthly, whatever works for you.


Private 90 minute coaching session in Suffolk – prices start from £75
For details of prices – please call us
Packages – priced on individual requirements