Our Makeover Days are very special. There are many elements to them…


Whether it’s a completely new cut and style you are looking for, or an update or your current style, our highly experienced stylists can help you achieve a different look and advise you on your cut, condition and maintenance.


Our fabulous make-up artists will spend time with you exploring new looks and helping you to develop a routine that is right for you and your lifestyle.


Gel varnish nails are amazing. Nail varnish that sets in seconds and lasts for weeks and will not chip so no need to protect your hands from everything. We will lightly shape you nails and offer you a wonderful selection of colours to choose from. You could choose a bright red for a night out to perhaps a more subtle everyday colour. We even have sparkles!


Our stylists have been trained to advise you on which styles work for your shape and colourings. We will help you try different looks but never give you a style which isn’t you. Sometime it’s because of a change in our lifestyle but other times it’s because we have become stuck in a rutt. Having someone else offer new styles can be the start of finding the clothes that make you feel great whilst still feeling like you.


At the end of the day you can celebrate with a glass of prosecco and we’ll take some wonderful, relaxed photos that really reflect you. Don’t worry if having your photo taken isn’t something you enjoy, we’ll help make it a natural process. The photos will be sent to you within the following couple of weeks electronically, so you have something to keep as a moment of your day.


You will be greeted in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee. A delicious light lunch will be served with wine if you wish and refreshments are available throughout the day.

And finally…

We only have six ladies on each Makeover Day so you get to spend plenty of time with each element. Some ladies like to come on their own, whilst others come with a friend or friends… another favourite is Mother and Daughter… giving you some special time together that can get overlooked in our busy lives. There is 10% off any purchases you make and if you need any clothes alterations then we will do those free of charge.

If you would like to buy this as a gift, we also have Makeover Day vouchers.

You can download our Makeover Day information sheet here

The price of our Makeover days is £135