Amanda is our stylist at dream on. She will help you find your own look and give you the skills to do this yourself. Amanda has two children and lives in Suffolk. She loves going for long walks, cooking and spending time with her children.

At school she enjoyed arts and made inquiries to study creative arts. However, she took the sensible and practical option and went to work in an office. So, whilst she worked she attended secretarial college. She enjoyed the work and the people she worked with but for her it was just a job. She was soon recognized and was promoted and moved to work in sales. 
In her late twenties she had a serious health scare. It made her rethink her life and she decided to start a family. Rory her first son was born. She continued working part time until her second son Samuel was born.

Amanda has always been interested in fashion. She loved dressing for work, for different occasions and was always noticed for her sense of style. 
So, with her passion for style she began to experiment with her own ideas and creative thoughts. Never one to fully follow fashion trends, she turned her focus towards herself and began creating her own “me”.
This was fun, informative and is part of what she wants to pass on to others.

She and Bridget have shared that love of clothes attending every single clothes show.

Whilst Amanda never did take her career in creative arts, she continued to learn and has worked in ceramics and water-colours. She loves creating games and activities which involve art.

Amanda has always been known by her friends as the one to go to for fashion advice. She loves taking her friends out to dress for special occasions or just because they feel they need to update their look.

As her children grew up and started to become independent Amanda knew that her desire was to work in style. She wasn’t sure how. As Bridget talked about her ideas for dream on together they realized that Amanda could fulfill her dream by becoming involved. She has very much shaped the thinking around the style side. Amanda wants to create a place where people feel comfortable and relaxed. She is naturally approachable and wants to help women feel more confident through how they dress.

Amanda has recently completed further training in style. She is working with women now to help them gain confidence and skills around the way they look.

Today Amanda has a full life. As our stylist she designs our style workshops, leads events and works with women on a one to one basis.