Attracted by Dream On’s positive and unique personal philosophy, warm-hearted Elizabeth joined the team back in 2012. With a love for people and a specific interest in behaviour change and lifestyle management, Elizabeth is dedicated to using her applied experience and PhD in Psychology to help others in both professional and personal contexts. Elizabeth loves to seek out the unique qualities in every individual.

Elizabeth’s passion in coaching comes from wanting to connect with people, take an interest in who they are, where the are at, and believe what they are capable of. She enjoys challenging people to find their passion, reach their full potential and live with purpose. Brought-up to try different things, set goals and challenge herself, she understands what it is like to experience times of disappointment and the importance of managing her own and others expectations. She will work strategically with you to identify your strengths and use them to take action to help you achieve, your hopes, dreams and plans.

Married to a farmer, when she is not working, Elizabeth enjoys pottering about the North Norfolk countryside in her wellie boots with her dog Frank and being in defence for her netball team.