Kelley is a mental health nurse who has specialised in working with children and families within the NHS for the past 20 years.  Trained in London at St Bartholomew’s hospital but mostly practicing in Suffolk, she has recently left the NHS and is now persuing her dream on working independently with families and schools.

This is a far different outcome to Kelley’s childhood dream of being a dancer or sportswoman, however her career has allowed her to meet some very inspirational people and develop skills and interests in working with people in a variety of environments, using many differing methods of support.

After the birth of her first son, Kelley moved back to Suffolk to be nearer her family and accepted a position within children’s mental health services. Over the following 13 years, she has developed and led services for children and families in a specialty field. This role has enabled her to carry on supporting families improve inter emotional health and relationships.

Having known Bridget for many years, she has seen her dreams and aspirations for ‘Dream on’ turn into reality. Bridget has supported her through many professional dilemmas and demands, allowing her space to reflect on what she most enjoys doing, and encouraged her skills. Kelley is now using those skills as part of the dream on team, alongside her continued work with families and young people.

Her personal life revolves around playing sport and spending time with family & friends, but mostly watching her sons, aged 21 and 9 and 2 play a variety of sports at varying levels. Thankfully this is something she loves to do.