Vanessa has been working as an actor and an actor-facilitor within training and development for 18 years, her experience is broad and varied. Vanessa has a BA Hons in Drama and English and then trained at the prestigious L’Ecole Internationale de Jacques Lecoq du Theatre, a movement based drama school, in Paris.

She has worked for, amongst others, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre, the Clod Ensemble and Theatre de Complicite. Most recently she appeared in
Ransom for CBS; has worked with Sean Bean and Jimmy McGovern on the BBC drama Broken; Simon Amstel on his satirical film Carnage; Mackensie Crooke and Toby Jones on The Detectorists and with Kenneth Brannagh on Wallander.

She began working in learning and development to ‘fill-in-the-gaps’ between jobs but soon found that she had a passion for supporting and facilitating change in people and teams. She has worked in this area for many years for corporate business and public services, from one-to-one coaching to whole team delivery. She is also part of a collaboration, Pennydrops that designs and delivers Forum Theatre workshops on Unconcsious Bias; Diversity and Mental Health in the workplace.

Vanessa is delighted to be coaching as part of the Dream On team and relishes the opportunity to facilitate change in people that this gives.

‘Vanessa wants to make a difference through the work she does; she is hard-working, values driven, engaging, empathetic and always curious…she builds relationships with others that encourage them to take risks in service of their own learning and development.’ Jamie Ripman and Philipa Williams: Practive

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